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Ecommerce Integration

Keep your sales coming in 24/7 with our bi-directional integration to Magento, Shopify or your own web site


In 2015, the UK had the third largest E-commerce market in the world. Almost 80% of UK internet users did some form of online shopping in 2015 – the greatest online shopping penetration in Europe.

ERP Retail’s custom-designed solution integrates with your website, Magento and Shopify allowing your sales to continue to flow even when your bricks and mortar branches are closed.

"Web Free" stock levels or your defined web availability are transferred back to the web site to ensure your customers know what is in stock before placing an order.


If your E-commerce sales are spread over a variety of channels, and you conduct business via marketplaces Amazon and eBay with the greatest footfall, our Channel Advisor integration gathers these sales into Dynamics NAV. 

With all sales safely in ERP Retail for Dynamics NAV, you can accurately gauge your stock, manage the customer experience and keep those sales coming in.

Sales Order payments are automatically handled and posted in ERP Retail for Dynamics NAV and the order automatically released to the warehouse for picking and shipping. giving your business the ability to scale and handle a large number of daily sales orders from all your channels.